Puff-Paint Doily

As you guys know, I’m about to move into a new apartment! Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to make things that I can hang on the walls in my bedroom, like the chevron canvas, wire bulletin board, and window mirror I have already finished. I saw a tutorial for a puff-paint doily on Pinterest (of course) that I thought was creative and cute, but I didn’t really have any use for a doily, let alone one made out of puff-paint. Instead of using it as an actual doily, I decided to put it on a canvas!

Start by printing out a picture of a doily. I just Google image searched for one. You could also use a real doily if you have one, but I don’t have any. Instead, I printed out my picture to fit on a 9 x 12 canvas and put it inside a gallon-sized plastic bag, but I’d recommend using wax paper.

Trace the image with puff-paint and let it dry. I left mine overnight.

The next morning I tried to peel it off of the plastic, which was a little tricky and why I’d use wax paper next time. I painted my canvas with a light blue, pearlescent paint and then dry brushed it with navy.

I was going to leave the doily white, but when I put it on top of the canvas I didn’t like the way it looked, so I painted it navy. After that was dry, I mod-podged it onto the canvas and it was finished!

I love the slightly 3-D look the puff-paint gives the canvas. This would be a great technique to use for any design on a bunch of different surfaces. Let me know if you try it!


Chevron Canvas How-To

Chevron has been all over the place recently and I’m usually not a huge fan of stripes, however, for some reason, if the stripes are zig zagged I love them. Who would’ve thought? Anyways, I’ve been trying to find some way to incorporate chevron into the decor of my new room, but hadn’t figured out the perfect way until now: a canvas!

At first, I thought I would wing it and just try to free hand the stripes. Then I remembered that I’m horrible at free handing, especially when it comes to straight lines and angles, so I came up with a method to make sure my chevron turned out as perfect as possible!

I started with a 10 x 10 canvas and drew a grid of 1 x 1 squares on it using a ruler. Then I connected the corners of each square to make a chevron pattern, like this…

On the rows that are blank in that picture, I drew lines from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of each square.

I taped over the stripes that I didn’t want to paint the first color. I started to use duct tape, but it was wider than my stripes, so I had to cut it. That ended up being super tedious, so I switched to normal Scotch tape because it was the right thickness.

I used two different colors of green on the stripes that weren’t taped and ended up with this…

Once it dried, I peeled off the tape and put more tape over the green stripes so I could give the rest of the stripes two coats of white paint. This covered up the pencil marks and gave it a crisper look.

Then, to add a little bit of extra pizazz and because I really wanted to use my new green glitter paint, I gave the white stripes a coat of glittery, sheer green paint. After a little bit of touching up, this is the final product!

If I had used painter’s tape instead of Scotch tape, the edges of the lines probably wouldn’t have needed as much touching up, but I couldn’t find my painter’s tape and I’m still happy with how it turned out! I hope this helps if you decide to paint something with chevron!

Happy Father’s Day! And Another Canvas Picture

Since my brother and I are gone for Father’s Day tomorrow, my family celebrated Thursday night. My mom and I cooked dinner and made a delicious dessert, which I will be posting about soon! Since my last canvas photograph turned out so well, my mom suggested I make one for my dad for Father’s Day.

I used a 9 x 12 canvas this time and printed the picture as big as I could on one piece of paper. The photo was a little bit smaller than the canvas, so I decided to just leave a white border around the edge. I was very careful and tried to line it up as evenly and as straight as possible. If I had been making this for a girl, I would have probably put ribbon around it or some sort of decorative border, but since it was for my dad, I didn’t want to make it too girly. I like the simplicity of the thin white border though!

Family Canvas Picture

My dad liked it so much that he took it to work before I could get a picture of it! So here it is hanging in his office. He has become quite the supporter of my blog, so thank you Daddy 🙂

Canvas Photograph

Finally, my first post about an actual project! I made this as a gift a about two weeks ago, except it was a gift for my friend Katherine, so I didn’t want to post about it until after her birthday. Now, it’s after her birthday and here it is!

My Canvas Picture

Everyone has seen those amazing photographs printed on canvases, however they can be quite expensive and have to be custom ordered. Pinterest is full of different DIY canvas pictures, but the ones that I liked the best were the ones that printed the picture on tissue paper before transferring it onto the canvas, like Sarah’s Never-Ending Projects Wall Art, because it really lets the canvas texture come through.

For the most part, I followed Sarah’s excellent instructions. Taping the tissue paper to the printer paper worked surprisingly well. I enhanced my picture a little bit and made the colors a bit more saturated to make it vibrant and colorful. The trickiest part I found was trimming the edges. Sarah was able to get clean lines on hers, but I was not so lucky. I had colored parts of the tissue paper hanging over the sides and it wasn’t very pretty looking. I decided to add ribbon to the sides to cover it up and give it a more finished look.Ribbon on Sides of Canvas

I was so happy with the way it turned out! My mom thought it was the coolest thing ever and is already planning on making a few of her own. Katherine also really seemed to like it and her mom and sister too!  So happy birthday, Katherine!