Refashioned Jewelry Box

The other day at Goodwill I stumbled upon a cute little set of drawers for only $4.06 that would be a perfect jewelry box. The way it’s painted is something I would have loved when I was six, but not so much now. It was nothing a quick sanding and fresh coat of paint wouldn’t fix though! This is what it originally looked like…

Original Drawers

I sanded it.

Sanded Drawers

Then painted it a pretty blue color.

Blue Drawers

I love all the stenciled painting projects I’ve seen lately and decided to give it a try myself! I bought a small, single stencil at Joann’s, which I thought would be perfect for this piece.

Stenciled Drawers

Don’t you love it?!¬†That’s my mom’s sewing machine behind it. She was hard at work on a slipcover for my futon. Thanks Mom ūüôā But back to the drawers… The stenciling turned out so much better than I thought it was going to! It worked really well and was pretty fun too. Once I was finished, I thought it had too much of a “perfect” feel to it, so I dry brushed it with a tiny bit of white paint. To dry brush, just barely dip your paint brush (I used a big, bristly one) in the paint, then brush most of it off before actually applying it. It ended up creating a sort of distressed look, which was what I was hoping for. Here’s a close up of the top after I dry brushed it.

Top Close Up

And here is the final product! I’m completely obsessed with it and can’t wait to store my jewelry and accessories in it! Ahh so exciting! I hope you love it as much as I do! It’s quite an improvement from the original one, right?

Finished Drawers

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Wire Bulletin Board & Bloggy Olympics Event #1!

It’s the first week of the Bloggy Olympics over at Hating Martha. This week’s event was decorating! I decided to make a wire bulletin board to hang in my future bedroom!

Wire Bulletin Board

Once I move in to my new apartment, I’m going to have quite a few blank walls to decorate. I love the look of framed pictures, but I have so many pictures I want to display that it doesn’t make sense to frame them all. To solve this little dilemma, I came up with this wire bulletin board.

I made a smaller version of this same thing for a friend last summer and was obsessed with it. Now I have my own!  I started with a large, gold frame.  The frame used to hang on the wall somewhere in my house, but had been taken down and stored in a closet for a few years, so my mom let me use it.

Original Frame

I decided to go with a bright green color because I knew I was going to distress it a little bit, which would tone down the brightness. It took three coats of paint to cover up the gold. After the green paint dried, I applied the antiquing glaze. If you want to see how I used it, refer to my Distressed Window Mirror post.

One CoatTwo CoatsThree CoatsAntiquing Glaze

I had chicken wire leftover from this same project last year, so this particular one cost me exactly nothing. Woohoo! Anyways… Use a staple gun to attach the chicken wire to the underside of one side of the frame. ¬†This sounds much easier than it actually is. Unless you have a miracle staple gun that actually staples in the spot where the staple is supposed to come out, it may take you a while. Thankfully, my mom was there to help me. And by help I might mean she did all the stapling because I got too frustrated after about five minutes and wanted to throw the gun across the room… Not kidding. So yay for Mommy! I did help her though… Or tried to. Stretch it as tight as possible and staple it to the opposite side. ¬†It is actually really helpful if you have someone else to hold the wire while you staple. ¬†That was my job. Along with providing moral support. Here’s a picture of my staple-gunning-pro mom.

Mom Stapling the Wire

Repeat the stapling and stretching on the other two sides and the hard part is done! Now you can clip pictures, cards, concert tickets, or whatever else you want, on it. I used clothespins as my “clips”.

Wire Bulletin Board

Let me know if you end up making one of your own! Hopefully your staple gun works better than mine. Despite the difficulties I think it is going to be the perfect, unique decoration for one of the walls in my bedroom and I love it!

Thanks so much to Hating Martha and Delicate Construction for hosting the Bloggy Olympics this week!