Scrapbook Paper Branches

I’m finally all moved in to my apartment at school! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to write any posts, let alone actually post them! Here’s the scrapbook paper branches I finished before I left to come back to school. I’ll have quite a few of my other projects up soon!

When I saw this scrapbook paper tree from Two Girls Being Crafty, I knew I wanted to make one similar to it. It’s kind of like a plant (a little bit…), but involves no dirt or watering and it looks so cute! It would also be a great project to use up scrapbook paper pieces if you had them laying around.

I live in the land of palm trees and there are no trees near my house with easily obtainable branches that I needed for this project. Luckily, I visited my grandparents who have about eight oak trees in their yard and rummaged through their brush pile until I found a few perfect branches. Once I got home, I broke off the leaves, spray painted them brown to make them all a uniform color, and let them dry.

I made two leaf templates out of cardboard, a big one and a small one. Then I traced the templates onto a couple different colors and patterns of scrapbook paper and cut them out.



Cut a bunch of “stems” out of wire. I used 22 gauge for the larger leaves and 26 gauge for the smaller leaves, but it really didn’t make much of a difference. Once you have a big pile of leaves, paint the back of one side with mod-podge, lay a piece of wire onto the mod-podge and cover it with another leaf. I did matching colors, but mismatched ones would probably be cute too. Make sure you press down to make sure the wire will stay between the two sides.


After you get all your leaves made, you’re ready to attach them to the branches! Just wrap the wire around the branches and arrange the leaves however you want.

Then, I arranged all my branches and wired the bottoms so they would stay together, but all you really have to do is stick them in a pretty vase and you’re done!


Here’s a picture of where they are in my apartment! They’re at the top of the stairs on that cute yellow cabinet, which is the first thing you see when you walk in the door. I love them!



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