Making the Perfect Puppy Chow

My friend Carson and I started a tradition last summer of making a big batch of this Puppy Chow to eat while we watched the Bachelor each week. Yes, I know… the Bachelor and Bachelorette are mostly fake, dramatic, kinda trashy TV shows, but we get excited about watching them anyways. Luckily, our Puppy-Chow tradition continued on this summer with the Bachelorette! For the finale last week we went all out and made three snacks instead of the typical one, but we made sure to have the Puppy Chow among them!

I know almost everyone has heard of Puppy Chow (aka Muddy Buddies) and the recipe is on the box of Chex cereal, but over the past few summers Carson and I have perfected it. Here are some tips to make your Puppy Chow even better!

  • The original recipe doesn’t have quite enough chocolate and peanut butter coating, so we use almost a whole bag of milk chocolate chips and a big scoop of peanut butter to make sure there’s lots of the good stuff. The more the merrier!
  • Just use the whole box of Chex… who eats the last little bit that doesn’t get put in the recipe anyways?
  • I usually leave out the vanilla. It’s one less ingredient and I really don’t notice if it’s not there.
  • We melt the butter, chocolate, and peanut butter in a huge pot on the stove and add the cereal to the giant pot instead of microwaving it and pouring it on the cereal in a bowl. I definitely don’t have a bowl big enough to stir all of that in.
  • Stirring… This is the hard part and Carson and I always try and make the other person do it.  Even though the pot is big enough, we always feel like we’re crushing the cereal and yes, Puppy Chow crumbs are quite tasty, but we prefer the big pieces. This is how we stir the cereal into the chocolate and peanut butter: add about half the cereal to the pot, tilt the pot towards you a little bit and run your spatula around the outside of the pot. It sort of spins the cereal like clothes in a dryer and coats it without smashing it! The same method works for adding the powdered sugar.

Hopefully these hints are helpful in making your next batch of Puppy Chow. If you’ve never had it before, definitely make it, but beware because it’s seriously addicting!


3 thoughts on “Making the Perfect Puppy Chow

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