4th of July Tank

Can you believe that tomorrow is July?! So… happy almost 4th of July! The 4th of July is my favorite holiday because every year my family goes to our beach house where we watch the parade and see amazing fireworks shows right on the beach. This year, we are going to be in the parade! It’s definitely not a fancy parade; just people who decorate their cars and boat trailers to throw beads, but I still need a patriotic shirt to wear! I decided to make my own.

All I used for this project was a big t-shirt, packaging tape (or painter’s tape would have worked), star stickers, and spray paint. I started with a medium sized white t-shirt, then I cut off the sleeves to make it into a tank, made the neckline more open, and trimmed off the bottom hem. I also took in the sides of the shirt to make it fit a little better.

You can see the lines where I cut it the second time. It took me a couple of tries and lots of trying on to get it exactly how I wanted it to be, but this is what I ended up with.

Once the shirt fit the way I wanted it to, I taped off the part that I wanted to be blue. You can see the packaging tape going down the center and then across. The plan was originally to use painter’s tape, but I ended up not having any, so I improvised with packaging tape and it worked just fine. I bought star-shaped foam stickers at Joann’s because I thought it would be a lot easier than cutting them out of tape, plus 4th of July stuff was everywhere, so they were really easy to find. Normal stickers would work too, I’m sure.

Fold the shirt over so that the paint doesn’t get on the part that is going to be striped, then lightly spray paint it. You could make it darker or lighter if you want. I put a piece of cardboard between the layers of the shirt because I was thinking the spray paint might soak through the first layer, but it didn’t, so feel free to skip that step if you decide to make one!

After I peeled off the star stickers and tape, it looked like this! I was very excited with it! I used the tape to make the stripes on the rest of the shirt

Then covered up the blue part with cardboard and spray painted it red!

I peeled off the tape and took off the cardboard and had this! Cool, right?

Then I spray painted the whole shirt with glitter spray paint. It’s a little bit hard to see in pictures, but it’s there!

I also decided to make the bottom part fringed. To make the fringe I cut about three inches up, every inch or so, then pulled on each tab to make it curl up a little bit.

And that was it! I can’t wait to wear it in the parade on the 4th of July! Maybe it will make an appearance for the Olympics–my second favorite holiday!

12 thoughts on “4th of July Tank

    • I actually haven’t washed it yet, but I have a friend who spray painted denim shirts and she said they washed up just fine on a normal cycle. I’ll let you know when I wash mine!

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