Decorative Pillows

I love my new duvet cover, but it needed a couple of decorative pillows to break up all the yellow and make it look even better. Remember that fabric I bought a few weeks back that looked like this?

Well, at the time I really liked it, but then I went to Joann’s again and found another fabric I liked even more. I decided to ditch the first fabric (not completely though, I will be sure to use it for something!), then found a few other coordinating fabrics, bought some 40% off pillow forms, and made these decorative pillows!

I went with a few different styles and shapes for variety. Keep reading for the tutorials for each one!

The first pillow I made was the one with the green pom-pom trim. All I needed was fabric, the trim, and a pillow form. SuppliesI started out with a pillow form that was a long rectangle, but it was a little bit too large for my liking, so I un-stuffed it, sewed new seams so that it measured 26 x 11, and re-stuffed it. I cut two rectangles of my fabric to be 27 x 12 to allow for a little bit of wiggle room.

Then I pinned the pom-pom trim to the edges of the right side of the fabric with the pom-poms facing in.

I sewed them on, then sewed three sides of the other piece of fabric on, right side down so that it was inside-out.

Next, I turned it right-side-out, inserted the pillow form, and sewed the fourth side closed. Then I had a cute pillow with pom-pom trim! This is my favorite pillow of the bunch. I love the print and colors of the fabric and the pom-poms are so fun!

Next was the envelope style pillow with the yellow buttons. I used an 18 x 18 pillow form, fabric, and three buttons. I chose a teal fabric with a subtle paisley print because it coordinated well with the fabric of the pom-pom pillow. The yellow buttons stand out and bring a little more yellow into the pillows. After all, they do need to go with my yellow duvet! I cut the fabric into two pieces: one 18 x 18 and the other 18 x 28 (the height of the pillow + half the height + one inch for the “hem”), then placed them with their right sides together, and sewed the two sides and bottom together.

To make the envelope part, fold about an inch of the flap down, and sew to create a sort-of hem.

Next, fold the whole flap over, and sew the sides to the rest of the pillow. Don’t worry that the pillow is sewn on all four sides without the form in it! Just pull up the flap and pull the inside down and insert the pillow form that way! But before you do that… sew on some cute buttons! This is what you will end up with.

The last pillow is definitely the simplest and it was the easiest to make, but I think it’s just as cute as the others because of the bird on it! This fabric was a little bit of a splurge (it was in the upholstery section), but since I needed less than a 1/3 of a yard, it ended up not being that expensive, which was good because it was too hard to resist the little birdie!

I used a 12 x 8 pillow form, cut two pieces of fabric to be 13 x 9, sewed them on three sides with the wrong sides out, turned it right-side-out, put in the pillow form, and sewed up the fourth side. That’s it!

Now my future bed is completely done! I have the duvet cover, the shams, and the pillows–all homemade! (Except for the “smile” pillow. My mom bought that one for me.) Here’s a picture of what everything looks like together! I love it so much!!

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