Shams to Match the Duvet Cover

My duvet cover has been pretty lonely without shams to match it, so here they are! Let me start out by saying how hard it is to match yellow fabrics… It took me two different trips to Joann’s to get a color that was close enough. It isn’t perfect, but I’m going to have other pillows in front of them, so it won’t really matter. I decided to just do a single ruffle around the edge of the shams, that way the ruffles are incorporated, but aren’t overwhelming.

I started by measuring the pillow forms and cutting out pieces of fabric. They ended up being 26 x 18. Since the fabric was a little bit thin (and I had enough of it), I cut three pieces for each pillow to make the front double layered. I used almost all of the two yards I bought. I sewed the two front panels together, then pinned and sewed on a ruffle (left over from the duvet cover) to the edges with the ruffle facing inward. From there, I sewed three sides of the back piece on, turned it right-side-out, and put the pillow form in! I sewed the fourth side shut, then repeated everything again to make the second sham. Easy enough! Here are the steps in pictures!

Cut out rectangles big enough to fit your pillow forms. I used six, but you really only need four for two shams.

Pin a ruffle around the edges of the fabric, like this. Then sew it on.

Pin and sew on the other side. Just three edges!

Turn it right-side-out and put in the pillow form!

This is what they look like with the duvet cover!

Up next are a few decorative pillows to finish everything off! Don’t forget to come back to see how the duvet, the shams, and the pillows look together!


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