Another Shopping Trip & Upcoming Projects!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a few days! I’ll tell you about my shopping trip yesterday, so you have something to read until I get a project posted later today!

I’m quickly becoming a regular at Joann’s! I bought two fabrics and the supplies to make a pillow, along with a half-yard remnant. I’m on a quest to find the perfect fabric for shams to match the duvet cover I’m making (which is VERY VERY close to being done and should be posted by the end of this week!  I’m seriously so so excited about it and I hope you are too!). Unfortunately, I brought home the fabric I thought was perfect, only to find out it wasn’t the right shade of yellow. Gah! So disappointing. But did you know that Joann’s will accept returns on fabric as long as it’s over a yard and you haven’t washed or cut it? Sadly, it will be going back to the store tomorrow. Lesson learned to always carry with you the fabric you’re trying to match…

I also bought fabric to make a pillow for my bed and still liked it once I brought it home. Yay! I got some adorable green pom-pom trim to put around the edges. Here’s a picture because I like it all too much not to post one… I’m excited to use it!Fabric and Trim for Pillow

Of course, I rummaged through the remnant bin in case there was something I had to have. Turns out there was! It’s a thin, white material with a white flower design embroidered on it. Cute, right? I loved it! I think I will make a summery shirt out of it once I find a good pattern.

White Remnant Fabric

On a different note… This blog is also supposed to be a cooking and baking blog, hence the “spatula” part of the name, With Scissors and a Spatula. I’ve been so caught up in crafting that I’ve forgotten to try out some new recipes! Not to worry though! I’ll be sure to post a few within the next few days.


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