Burned Wooden Spoons

Burned Wooden Spoons

This is a great way to snazz up your plain wooden spoons! A while back I was browsing the apartment section of ModCloth for things for my new apartment (of course), when I came across the Flock on Wood Spoon.  So adorable, right?  Well that jogged my memory of a pin I had pinned on Pinterest a long time ago that mentioned using a wood burning tool to create a design on wooden utensils.  It just so happens that my mom has a wood burning tool from some project she did years ago, so I decided to burn some spoons!

I bought a bag of 8 wooden utensils at HomeGoods for $3, Googled a few images for pattern inspiration, and made these!

Burned Wooden Spoons

I did the spoon on the left and the spatula first with the really pointy, thin tip, which took longer to do than I was expecting.  After that I switched to the rounded, thicker tip and it was a lot easier to use, but didn’t allow me to make as intricate of designs.  I also got a little lazy and just started doing random stuff with them, but I really like how they turned out!  A few of the spoons I left blank for now.  Maybe I’ll burn them later or maybe I’ll try dipping them in paint like House of Earnest’s Dipped Wooden Utensils?


13 thoughts on “Burned Wooden Spoons

  1. How beatiful wood spoons those are, what an incredible idea and it looks wonderful, thanks for sharing, I will have to borrow this project and try it at home. Thank you for sharing.

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