Hobby Lobby’s Remnants Bin

Over Memorial Day weekend and for a few days afterwards, I was in Atlanta visiting a few friends. Kendal (my amazingly crafty friend) and I went to Hobby Lobby because she was in search of some fabric for a dress pattern she found online. Now I know just about every craft and fabric store has a remnants bin where you can buy leftover fabrics and trims, but let me tell you the one at this particular Hobby Lobby was amazing. It was four shelves stuffed with rolls of fabric, bags of fancy trims, and small scraps of other random goodies. She and I sat on the floor digging through the shelves for at least half an hour. Each time we went back through the stuff we found things we didn’t see the first time. It was great!

Since I was going to have to cram whatever I bought into my already stuffed suitcase, I restrained myself from buying too much. I did end up with some cute things though!

Hobby Lobby Remnants

The cupcake fabric I couldn’t resist. One, because it has cupcakes on it and two, because it’s sparkly! There was half a yard of it and it only cost me $2.40. I think I will probably make either a pot holder or oven mitt with it, but who knows!

The green satin I picked up and then decided I didn’t need it. It’s too shiny to make any type of clothing out of and I wasn’t sure what else to make with it. Then Kendal suggested making a bow to put on a pillow or something of that sort. Since it was only $0.89 for half a yard, I figured what the heck. And… into the cart it went.

At only $0.43, I thought the brown rose trim would make a great headband. It isn’t really long enough for anything else, so it will most likely become a headband or some other small accessory.

The white eyelet ruffle trim I also just had to have. I’ve seen quite a few tutorials about adding trim to denim shorts and this trim would be so cute to do that with. Added bonus: $1.04 for a whole yard! My total was $5.55 for everything. Can’t beat that with a stick!

Kendal made out even better than I did, but since she wasn’t going to have to put everything into a suitcase I guess that makes sense. Needless to say, she and I have become huge fans of the remnants bins at Hobby Lobby, but unfortunately, I don’t have a Hobby Lobby close to me. I suppose I will have to live vicariously through her Hobby Lobby experiences now. Check back to see what I make out of all of my bargain finds!


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