First Shopping Trip for Craft Supplies

Yesterday I finally went shopping at Joann Fabrics for things to make a few projects!  I’m about to start a pretty big project and I’ll be sure to post about it once it’s done!  Hopefully it won’t take me too long…  In the meantime, I will try and do some smaller, faster projects so I can post about them too.

Oh!  By the way, did you know that Joann’s offers a discount program for students?!  I didn’t until a few days ago, but as soon as I stumbled across it on their website, I signed up.  In three or four weeks they are going to send me a discount card in the mail and all I have to do is activate it.  That’s it!  So great.  Especially since Joann’s is my go-to place for craft supplies.  While I’m waiting for the card to come, they emailed me two coupons.  One for 40% off any regularly priced fabric and the other for 40% off any regularly priced item.  Yesterday, all the things I bought were already on sale and I couldn’t use another coupon (or they were only a dollar or two and I didn’t want to use a coupon on them), so I didn’t use either coupon…  Fortunately, they’re good for nearly a month and I’m sure I will use them before then. So anyways, if you’re a student, check out the Student Discount Program because it’s awesome.

That’s all.  Just thought you might want a quick update.  Crafting projects are coming soon!  And recipes too.  I promise!


Let the Crafting and Cooking Begin!

I’m officially back from school and home for the summer!  In a few days I will be all settled in and the crafting and cooking will begin!  I’m very excited to spend the whole summer trying out new recipes and working on fun projects.  Thank you for reading and stay tuned for what’s to come.